Saturday, May 27, 2006

I don't have anything left to say

Wow... it's really to the point where I don't have to scream and yell anymore.

People are actually getting it.
The president is at about a 22% approval rating, Even HE!! Is realizing he is screwing up.

The Republicans hate him, the democrats are finnaly Pushing impeachment, I mean really... He's finnaly crumbling.

The Last task is just to get these people out of office this Novemeber and in 08. That's it. Just vote in Responsible people and make them change what georgey did.

Now this wouldn't be much of a post unless I talked about something relavent.

On the case for the FBI Raiding Clinton's office. (the senator, not former president.
They got a warrant, after subpoenaing him for documents they went in and took them (again with a warrant). I might add that they were investigating him on corruption charges. They videotaped giving him $100,000.00 (one Hundred Thousand Dollars) and then searched his home and found $90,000 in his freezer, in tupperware jars wrapped in tinfoil.
... Those are the kind of details you can't make up people.
And what does the Senate do? Oh yeah that's right, Go up in arms over this! The Republican speaker even goes directly to the president to complain, in which then the President SEALS these records that the FBI Took.
Here's a video in case you don't want to read that again.

First they say it's ok for the NSA to spy on us, now they get pissy when they had to drink their own medicine.

Look, Protest and Vote, that's how you change thing.

This isn't a Republican or Democrat thing. If someone in government is corrupt, and mocking what this country is for, get them out of office.
End of statement.


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