Friday, May 19, 2006

Back by... popular Demand???

Look, I thought my bitching, ranting, making quasi good points had gotten stale, and of course that no one read this so what's the point...

Seems though I actually had READERs, who have since then Emailed and IMed me asking me to write more....

Yeah, I'm as surprised as you, but any way I am back, and with quite a bit on my mind.

First thing's first. I... I got banned from Democratic Underground for being a Republican...
I got banned from a site for being a republican.
Let me repeat that one more time, and remind everyone of... EVERY POST ON MY BLOG BEFORE THIS ONE! I got BANNED from DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND for being a REPULICAN!
They even made a Fucking post about "Weeding out sleeper agents" because I had been active for a few months and I guess that qualifies Bush Loving Me as a sleeper agent, ready to STRIKE in the one topic I did.

Now let me explain to you why I got banned. There was a topic about abortion. I as a christian am against abortion simply for this matter. You are killing an innocent human. Same reason I am against an illegal war, you are killing innocent humans.
I am not doing a topic here on abortion, but Pro-choicers answer me this with your fetus points. Can a women have sex with a man and give birth to a dog, a horse, anything that isn't a human? No, she cannot. That fetus will not develop into anything else other then a human. So at what point and time can you say it is not a human? If you do you must be under the misleadings of someone who told you that two animals of the same species can produce a completely new species. It's a human from start to finish.
And it can't live without the mother so it's not a human? Well neither can a new born baby, or hell even a 3 year old. Put a 2 year old out alone in the forest, it will die.
So by your same rational women can kill their infants because, well they can't defend for themselves.

Alright so that is my stance. The Thread was about if it should also be a man's right to have a say in whether she can get an abortion or not, and I was playing devils advocate as I so love to do. They of course at DU were going "Men Evil Men BAD!!!" and I said "So by your same point of view if a man can't say whether he wants a women to have the child (since it is 1/2 HIS) then if a woman HAS a child the man doesn't want, he should be able to Not pay child support for it.

Oh this pissed them.
HOW DARE YOU! YOU EVER BEEN A SINGLE MOTHER blah blah blah blah straw-man arguements and arguements that did not pertain to the subject. I kept defending my point since they couldn't actually beat mine so... they banned me.

Of course once you get away from the problem you finnaly see it, and I for one saw it.

You know how the right has an infinite base of stupid people? Well, actually we liberals do too. They are all at DU.
My guess this is the site where The Republican radio guys hand pick all their stupid democrats to interview and mock on the radio.

The site is one giant practice in circle jerking. 1 thread after another of "BUSH IS EVIL!!!" and then 20 replies of people trying to get in on the orgie "OMG SO TRU!!! He is satan."
And then you have the dipshit comics. You know your average web comic. badly drawn, unfunny, and since it it political, has actually no real facts behind it, just broad sweeping generalities about the bush administration. And just like these you have people who tell a joke about Bush (Not funny of course, despite the fact of not being able to make a joke out of bush is fucking IMPOSSIBLE at this point) and a crescendo of posts afterwards of "LOLOLOLOL SO TRU!! OMG U R HILARRIASODISDIFOPSOISDSS!!!!!1111111"

So yeah, my advice to you is that anybody (republican, democrat, independant) bring up DU in a conversation, just tell them "Those tards have NOTHING to do with actual liberals or Democrats.

More posts on relevant topics soon


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