Monday, November 07, 2005

YOUR Speech to the Recruiter

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So we've all been in that awkward situation. You are walking through the mall, going into wal-mart, going through the halls in highschool/college trying to play a game when you get home, getting the god damn mail and there they are.
What are you doing with your life? What are your plans to go to college? Can you afford it? You like guns? How about planes? Killing people? Tanks, hell we got those!
You going to college? Want to? We'll pay for it!...if... and we all know what the If is.
You know Hiring someone to kill someone is illegal, but when the government pays for your college for you to kill people it's perfectly alright.

Now now I know that it is a fundamental part of any nation to have a standing army. I know killing is called for sometimes (I was behind the afghan war 170%)...but of course this isn't one of those situations.
The recruiter's speal is this.
You don't know what you are doing with your life, you are poor so you need someone to bail you out if you are going to do anything other then mcdonalds. Unfortunatley some of the time they are batting 100, because they prey upon the poor. They go after the lowest class people, people who don't know what to do with their lives cause they can't afford college. So yeah, the army does seem like a good idea at the time.
Let's remember our basics. The military recruiter gets a 15 dollar minimum bonus for every person he signs up. So it is beneficial for him to get you to join. The recruiter is allowed to Lie to you "You don't wanna fight? SURE you can be a cook, or a medic!" as what they say is not the opinion/word of the army, so the army is NOT accountable for anything that "man" says to you.
IF you are stupid and sign up, and actually get in the army- that contract states that you HAVE to serve the minimum you sign up for. THEN they can keep you for as much as 10 extra years after your contract expires, even against your will. AND 8 years after you leave they can FORCE you back into active duty, no matter what they are doing if they need to.
So Technically those 2 years you signed up for can actually be 12+ years of your life.

Alright, now that we know what field we are playing on against the enemy (recruiter) we know what weapons to use. Here's YOUR speech to the recruiter

Why YOU should leave the army Immediatly.
You promise me money for college, but do you know that the army has the right to change the amount of money you receive when you leave at their will.
Say recruiter, if you get deployed and have to fight, you DO know that if you are hurt the army won't pay for your medicine. The department of vetrans affairs had their medical fund amount cut in some areas up to 75% by George Bush. Vietnam vets are finding out their medicine is NO longer covered, medicine they need due to their service from this country. Iraq war vets missing a part or two are coming home to find out they had paychecks withheld due to being injured. And atop that the prosthetic leg they used to get is now cut from the budget. Oh don't worry, the army isn't heartless...well debatable, but you WILL get crutches... for a price <.<...
Soldiers are deployed in Iraq without body armor, adequate body armor, National Guard soldiers aren't given WEAPONS!!! Does that sound like an army that gives a FUCK about its soldiers.
The US army finds it cost effective to leave weapons in a warzone and just buy new ones rather then haul them back to the US and refurbish them for use again. Interesting enough the list of weapons is now including the soldiers themselves...
Statisitically speaking, 3,000+ Civilians died within the first 3 weeks of the iraq war. Doesn't it bother you, to be in a group that kills more civilians than the supposed two most evil men on earth?
Can you work at this job in good conscious? Can you keep calling yourself an american, a Christian knowing that blood is on the paper of the paycheck you receive? You are signing up innocent kids to go Kill for money, to murder civilians, destroy their mental and physical lives.
I'd rather be homeless with four legs then in debt, unemployeed, not getting the medicine I need, and legless all due to the US Army.
So honestly Recruiter, how can you live with yourself? But I tell you, everyuone can change. Stop recruiting, quit the army, make yourself simply a better person.

And if the recruiter doesn't want to listen, just scream this in his face...
FUCK No I Won't Go!


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