Friday, November 18, 2005


This is short and sweet.
Bill O'Really? called for the terrorists to attack america, giving them the OK to attack a civilian target.
Why is this man not arrested for treason? Giving comfort and aid to the enemy.
This isn't free speech, he told Al qaeda it was ok for them to attack a US civilian target.

Just The Republicans showing that they are a fanatic religious organization like Al qaeda I guess

The clip also talks about San FranCisco's vote to ban military Recruiting in public schools.
Well think of it this way. The military is not an equal oppertunity employer. They Do NOT offer the same positions to women as they offer to men (they can't be on the front lines) and they do not hire/fire immediatly gays in the military. Kind of like how the KKK won't recruit minorities, and the KKK aren't allowed in schools, why should the military be allowed to unless you let EVERYONE else in.
(and don't give me this bullshit they can't fight. Joan of Arc, The fucking SPARTANS (which ironically the army has squads and symbols for their own stuff based off of them) and Alexander the Great.)


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