Saturday, November 12, 2005

Slow News Day

neh, nothing political to say

But I have changed commenting properties. I love getting feedback, and getting into debates. But there are people going around spamming advertisements in all of my entries "Want free drugs? Click here!"
and just like a radio show host, some callers are just too ignorant for their own good, like this one man who kept defending murdering civilians in Iraq as "Necessary losses" Yeah, I'd feel great when I went to sleep at night thinking that sending our soldiers out to die for greed in iraq was totally worth it, and all the civilians who died weren't murdered in an unjust and unfounded war, but were actually just casualties of a "war for freedom"
Yeah, freedom in Iraq, that's why women are ending up with fewer rights in Iraq under this new consitution then they had under Saddam.
I'm angry... *don't let the idiots upset you, don't let the idiots upset you...*