Thursday, November 10, 2005

Don't ever buy ANYTHING from sony EVER again

This has nothing to do with politics, the law yes but not repubs and dems. I just fell this was truely important for everyone possible to hear about.
yeah, after sony pulls a stunt like this, I'm done with them.
maliciously and INTENTIONALY placing root kit programs onto the CDs they sell so that when even only played on a PC the program installs into your CMD32 folder and makes Sony media impossible to Rip from disks, burn onto disks, or play on Anything but sony sponsored Media players (IE no Ipod)

This is illegal, despicable, a giant invasion in user rights and privacy, and destruction of property. Trying to remove the program from your computer can DESTROY IT!
And this isn't a "oops" kinda thing. Sony NEW what this software did, and they PURPOSEFULLY put it on hundreds of new release CD titles and they told NO ONE they were doing this (you won't find this on the back of the disk)

I will never trust sony again after this... and honestly I'm not buying anything from sony again, ever. Sorry, if there's a game only for PS3 I wanna play... I guess I'll just suffer.


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