Thursday, September 08, 2005

one word joke "Christians"

Ah "christians. That filty filthy gutter trash religion I on a daily basis feel shame for associating myself with.
Pat Robertson used the Katrina catastrophy to funnel millions of dollars from good meaning people to fund his Diamond mine.
Ahnald in Cali wants to veto a bill that has passed in the legislature today. Says he doesn't want "Runaway government workers doing their damn jobs" (quotes my own words) to screw up his perfectly dirty government. You know like allowing foreigners to be president.
Not to forget about a church that protested the funeral of two soldiers, saying it was God's punishment for a country harboring gays.
You know, I don't see why christians aren't arrested as terrorists.

Filthy sick "religion". Get raptured so I don't have to deal with your shit anymore.
Seriously, in the words of Tom Cruise " Fuck you, honestly,Fuck you"


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