Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The muslims can have my house too!

HOLY SHIT! If ANYONE had told me I was getting this deal I would said They were the worst fucking liars on earth.

We all saw these poor poor baby Isreali "settlers" get kicked out of their settlement. oh it was like the nazis, jews don't do this to jews (racist me thinks?) it was against the law. Etc etc etc.

BULLSHIT!!! Do you KNOW what kind of deal they got out of this? This Severance package would give any GE Executive a giant fucking boner! Listen to this shit.
6 months paid vacation anywhere outside of the settlement (anywhere on EARTH!)
$125,000 Relocation pay (a quarter of a MILLION DOLLARS TO MOVE!)
Soldiers packed their stuff if they refused to.
1st class Tour busses to drive out of the area
A free house
AND these bastards NEVER payed ANY TAXES for living in the settlement.

Oh my god... SIGN ME UP!! Seriously, my house has to be of some religious value to muslims, i mean every other peice of land seems to be.(Hey, I'm ragging on the jews, don't bitch at me for taking a FUNNY cheap shot) Pay me back ALL taxes I have ever payed in my life, gimme a house, $125,000, 6 months vacation, pack and move all my shit for me.

NO ONE gets that good of a deal anymore, and besides these ass monkeys in many occasions DESTROYED their houses and set fires so the Big bad evil Third class citizen Muslims couldn't use them.

Really hard to feel bad for the jews after shit like this...

Worth While Chain Mail

I usually fucking hate the idea of chainmail. Sheep doing something because they are told to or they might suffer a curse or some stupid shit.

But this is slightly different... this one's got a good message, and no curse so that's a plus.

I Fell compelled to post it.

I am the homosexual who doesn't want your pity.

I am the gay man who still goes to church, despite the fact that my faith calls me a sinner, and challenges the preconcieved notions that my congregation has about homosexuals.

I am the little girl who is proud of her two mommies, and stands up to the bullies who make fun of them.

I am the brave volunteer who visits the homes of those diagnosed with HIV, and gives hope to the dying.

I am the transsexual who became an international famous comic, the gay man who shouts out his sexual orientation on every episode of the quirky TV show, or the lesbian who makes inspirational music.

I am the family that, though initially afraid when our son came out of the closet, took the time to learn and grow, and eventually accept him for the wonderful individual that he is.

We are the gay and lesbian professionals and business owners who refuse to support or buy from those companies which endorse homophobia.

We are the lesbians who peacefully protest and campaign for gay rights.

I am a common straight person who lobbies Congress to allow people of alternative sexualities to adopt children, enter into marriage, and have family health insurance.

I am the person who doesn't fucking care which bathroom I use. It's a goddamn bathroom, not a sexual exhibition, and anyone who thinks otherwise is the one who is WRONG, not ME.

I am the attorney, the judge, the lawmaker who won't put up with violations of human rights based on race, gender, or EVEN sexual orientation.

I am the educator who will not stand for homophobia in the classroom, and who begins to teach acceptance instead of lies and fear.

I am the religious authority who will continue to believe that the most important rule is "love one another", and that everything else is just filler.

I'm the father who DID hug his son, because I'm secure in my sexuality.

I'm the high school student who is brave enough to start a club for peoples of alternative sexualities to give other teens a support network.

I am the person who will NEVER hide what this world needs most: love. Because, I am NOT a victim.

I now extend my hand to you, if you are suffering. I am not a victim, and you don't need to be one, either. My strength is your strength. Let us all, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike, do away with the culture of victimhood and begin to implement the culture of strength and bravery. We CAN change the world, as long as we stick together. We need to be strong.

If you support a change and an end to the victimization, repost this.

Politics and Religion

1.)Conservative Christians Are
A.) Christians with strong conservative views
B.) Christians with moderate conservative views
C.) A walking contradiction

2.) The Roman Catholics invented
A.) The car
B.) Pennecillin
C.) The anal pineapple, a torture device used on nonbelievers.

3.) Baptists founded
A.) Habitat for Humanity
B.) The Red Cross
C.) The Ku Klux Klan and Dixie-crats

4.) Lutherans are responsible for
A.) The berlin Airdrop
B.) The UN
C.) The Creation of the Nazi party and the Haulocaust.

Well it seems politics and religion are entertwined in all things throughout history, from the crusades (crus- Cross) to iraq's new Government.
It isn't official yet, but it seems the new Iraqi constitution writes itself up just like.... well how osama Bin laden would write it.
No law can contradict islamic law, all laws and punishment will be based on the Q'uran (beheading, limbs cut off) and women and minorities will gain no new rights, they will actually LOSE RIGHTS THEY HAD UNDER SADDAM!! (drive cars, be uncovered from head to toe, hold the same jobs as men)
Congrats all 1800 families who lost family members in iraq, I am here to tell you they died for NOTHING AT ALL!
Isn't it a good feeling? not only did you lose them over a giant lie for greed, their deaths also mean nothing because not only did they not accomplish anything good, they made things WORSE for the citizens in Iraq.

Hey, don't shoot the messanger, I'm just telling you what Georgy won't admit.

Hey, also did you see George Bush at your Son, Daughter, Wife, husband, father, mother's funeral? no, you didn't, because George bush has attended 0 Funerals. When clinton sent men to battle for noble causes (stopping genocide, saving citizens etc) he attended their funerals. And for those of you who mention Clinton lied as well...well as the saying goes "Clinton lied, But NOBODY DIED!"

But as I was speaking off.
Their are a group of people out there I hate Equally as Libertarians.

Southern Baptists.

These people are not christians, not a one. They don't follow ANY of jesus's teachings, not a single one. When one of them says I'm a Southern baptist, I say "Well I'm a christian" when they inform me that they feel themselves to be Christians I tell them "no, baptists do not have souls to save, so they are not christians.
Much as I feel Conservatives have no souls, I feel these people also have no souls.

Now during the Crusades people calling themselves christians maimed and tortured and horribly killed thousands in the name of god. They called themselves Roman Catholics. They were not. They were sick human beings hiding behind religion to carry out sadistic acts on fellow human beings.

During WW2 a group Called the Nazis hid behind The Lutheran faith, the religion of 90%+ of the citizens of Germany back then as it is now. They used faith to hide behind despicable acts, I'm sure you know of them, no need to cover that. There is a VERY good museum in DC for that.

But America suffers from another group, these guys didn't even have the BALLS to stand out, they waited for Martin luther to make a move on the church and win before coming out against catholocism. But UNFORTUNATLY they came to the US from england. Since then they have controlled the whitehouse quite well (insert statistics and links here).

Now they have control of the White house today, people Like Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, George bush, and alot of other sick individuals where Hell is to nice a place for them to suffer for the lives they lead. These are the men that pushed this war for Iraq, out of greed, simply greed.
Pat robertson has a TV show called "The 700 Club" or as I like to call it "V-chipped".
On this show he regularly shows Bullshit saving stories, asks for your money, prays for George bush and winning the war, asks for your money, prays to heal people (who's he praying to, cause it isn't god), asks for your money, interviews bigots and clans members, asks for your money, says liberals are bad and the only good government is a religiously controlled one, you know like england... the country we left to escape religious persecution, asks for your money, asks for your money, asks for your money.....
"Now where do you get off saying that they are greedy justin?"
Might I remind you that the southern baptist church founded the Ku Klux Klan, and has held true to that by voting against de-segregation, voting against women's rights, voting against Child labor laws, voting against gay right laws.

You know just any type of hatefull bigittus law that comes up they are completely behind it.
I... I really don't know where to go with this, These people are utter scum, and these are the people who led your children off to die for a lie.

For anyone who says I'm going to hell for this, I say this "ANY hell without Pat Robertson and other southern baptists sure as HELL SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN TO ME!!!!"

Oh, and just a quick reminder

Southern- Sickeningly - Satanistic
Baptist - Bad - Bigot
Church - Christian - Church

Hell i'm no good at those things, make up your own.