Wednesday, July 20, 2005

He squints when He lies.....

Ok, watch this video and lemme point out something as you do.
Notice that every time Bush lies his right eye squints. No, seriously, watch it again. It's always at the end of an obviously Bullshit statement.

But yeah, Bush has supposedly suddenly made a good pick for his candidates, which of course flys in the past record of his Incredibly Ironic picks of completely unqualified, or qualified for a "I truely hate this position" position.
Samuel Bodman (Chemical CEO and Oil lobbyist) For Secretary of Energy
Gale Norton (oil and Lumber Lobbyist) For the Department of the interior
John Bolton (Hates the UN and has serious anger management problems) For the UN seat
Hell, Play the game to find them all out.
Well, I did a little bit of searching and found Mr. Squeaky Clean actually has a little bit of a fascist in him.
He's a catholic, and his wife, though a feminist (snickers), was formerly a Vice President for a feminst group called "Feminist For Life"
Say goodbye to Roe VS Wade, That's gonna be overturned in a heartbeat.

*sighs* and 80% of americans (both Republican and Democrat) wanted another woman to be appointed... But then again who here is surprised by Bush ignoring the will of the American people?

But I must keep up with the times, I'll go more in depth on How Karl Rove is a traitor in the next entry. Till then- Air Americ Radio

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Just a quick Non political Hypocricy that pissed me off

This is considered a blog, dipshit....
Also we put links in the middle of our posts so people can check our facts on what we're quoting, just in case people think we're lying, unlike clueless dipshits who only Bitch in thier blogs, we just gotta take their crying at face value. You don't have to click on the link if you don't want to excessive compulsive.

Also, Asshole, You made a comment on about how gays are hypocrits cause they got angry when Eminem degrades them, but wanna "push" their opinions on others.
Maybe you should... you know do some fact checking... cause Eminem thinks you're a hypocrit since he appologized to the gay community cause he had more insight than you since he realized that when queer eye comes on, gay people aren't invoked into beating, threatening, and killing straight people unlike what his music instructed and glorified.

Common FUCKING sense is rarer on the internet then Diamonds.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Unfortunatly Republicans being wrong isn't all that surprising to anyone.

With the hardcore republicans speaking out against the Gay Agenda (quick note, this is the same Agenda african americans had in the 1960s, you know wanting to be treated equally... and not killed and beaten for being different) it seems GOD and science decided to step in in a recent study, scientists found out that by splicing a single gene in a fruit fly, they could alter the fly's Sexuality. They would splice a female gene to make it into male style, and the female fly would court other female flys.
Seems as Liberals had been saying from the beggening (hmmm, and yet again they are completely right(Terri Schiavo)) that Homosexuality is GENETIC! not a choice, but biologically predetermined. (many are saying YES! while others are saying.... Duh?)

Also as a quick note, THIS is STILL not news, get it off the air.