Thursday, June 30, 2005

Why posts take so long

It takes time to research, time for an issue that pisses me off enough to come up that motivates my lazy ass to type up an article, and the fact that the people at blogspot don't seem to know WHAT THE FUCK PASTE IS!!! Making quoting, or large corrections to my articles/reorganizing the article into a cognitive structure (I tend to type as it comes to my head and as I find sources, then later reorganize the post so you can follow my train of thought) one HELL of a chore.

More posts to come, Expect the articles "GI HOBO" and "Know your bobblehead asshole enemies" within the next two weeks, getting a new computer and I have to set all that up.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Libertarians: No, they DON'T Know what the hell they are talking about.

I'm half typing this for a friend, half typing it cause these people somehow irk me just as much as Republicans. This is a third party that has somehow slipped farther to the right then Republicans.
Now where Republicans are to the right due to greed, lies, lying in order to satisfy their greed, and a healthy dose of Hypocrisy, Libertarians slip farther to the right due to their main advantage. A True Libertarian is batshit crazy.

"Now that's a bit mean justin, I mean I have Libertarians friends and they aren't crazy." Well you came about this one of three ways: 1.) You're lying, you have no Libertarian friends, 2.) you've never really asked them about what their party stands for, you just know they are Libertarian cause they mentioned it once, or 3.) They really are not Libertarians. They just didn't want to pick Republican or Democrat, and a less big brother party that sounds like Librarian would probably make them sound smart.

Now let's get down to the meat of this conversation. Libertarians want NO GOVERNMENT REGULATION ON PRIVATE INDUSTRY! Not less, None at all. That's what they mean by no Big Brother, all those better Business laws, they want wiped out. 200 years of progress they absolutely despise.... Ok, lets throw on that they want PUBLIC SCHOOL ABOLISHED! And you will see where I am going with this.

Has anyone reading this blog red Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" If you haven't, stop reading this blog and go out and buy/read this book on the link I have provided. Basically the book shows you how it was to be a common working man/immigrant in america during the early 1910s. This was a simpler time.... before government regulations. Libertarians say that "There is no need for a Minimum wage, a employer and employee should be able to go about establishing a suitable wage that both can agree on." Minimum wage is 5.50, and I like how Chris Rock put it "If your boss is paying you minimum wage, that mean he don't give jack shit about you, no one that can pay you so little money and still give a damn about how you doin. That's why I hated it when I worked at Mcdonalds and my Manager would come by smiling saying "How you doin?" How THE FUCK YOU THINK I'M DOIN on this piddly ass amount you paying me, you're smiling cause you're making 5 Fucking dollars more then me." But no, Libertarians think that "piddly ass amount" as Chris Rock put it is unacceptable as a minimum to pay a HUMAN BEING for their labor, they obviously want it to be less.
Now we clip back to Upton Sinclair. In his book Jurgis (narrorator, Main charector) is an immigrant to North America from Lithuania (ww1 isn't fun so alot of people move back then). he gets a job working at a factory... for 16 cents a day. Now for inflation that would be about.... 5 bucks a day. Think you could live off of that? Food, housing, electricity, water? Libertarians do ^_^. and he has to work for 14 hours a day or he will be FIRED! There are no laws in place to stop his employer from doing that, oh no cause right outside the gates of the factory are a flock of workers willing to do that exact same job for that pay cause they are starving to death. Ah Libertarian Ideals put into practice.

Now lets jump to where I mentioned that Libertarians want public school abolished. Now you may have gone to Public school like I did I thought "Wow, they want that horrible place gone? Sign me up!" Well lets look at it this way. Would you have been able to go to college if you didn't go to school? Back then were you as smart as you are now so that you knew everything they were gonna teach you before you enrolled? Answers to those are of course, No.
To abolish Public schools would be to doom 99% of the children in america into a life of unskilled labor, allowing only the Rich to be the Managers and CEOs... wait a second, Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, that's EXACTLY how it worked, only the previously rich white people had the good jobs while all of the unschooled foriegners had the piss poor slave Labor. Those smart Libertarians, they have it all planned out for your life to be absolutely Miserable!

Without any sort of labor laws, this would also make ANY sort of Racist, bigitrous, unfair, or sexist hiring and payment practices Completely legal. Mexican? Black? TOO fucking bad NO JOB FOR YOU! Gay? NO JOB FOR YOU? Woman? ONE THIRD PAY AND CRAPPY JOB FOR YOU! Fainting due to heatstroke from a poorly ventilated Factory? Too fucking bad, get out and let some more hearty workers take your place.

Now we of course can't forget about the environment. The Jungle led congress to pass alot of bills which led to the EPA and other corporate watchdog groups, cause you know back then they were dumping rotting meat and deadly chemicals into the drinking water. But with Libertarians on hand, all of that would be done away with, allowing Nuclear Facilities a much cheaper and more efficient disposal method, dumped in a park a few meters from a school ^-^. Finnaly we can turn every river in america into a sesspool of waste and filth, thank you Libertarians.

Last and certainly not least there would be Sweat shops and Child Labor! That's right little Billy, with your parents only getting paid 5 bucks a day, and the Libertarians oh so rightously getting rid of your public school, you're going to have to WORK to eat today. Sure you're only getting paid 10 cents a day, but think of it as a Raise, you're only 8 you know and 10 is more then 8.... oh wait, you can't count, you've never been to school, sorry.
What's that? your friend just lost his hand in that machine he was fixing? Well of course it was running, we can't shut it off just so you can keep it tuned. Now stop bitching, or I'll have to whip you (which is now legal, thank you Libertarians) untill your 16 hour work day is over!

.....Doesn't this idealism make you...just absolutely sick? I mean really, is THAT what you want? Are you SANE! I gotta steal a line from mike Malloy "God I hate these people, have I told you how much I hate these people?"

Now if YOU are a Libertarian and you just read this and went "... That's not what I'm about, that's not what my party is about" Well you're half right, that's not what You're about, but IT IS what Libertarians want. So you know, maybe you're not a libertarian.
In fact if after reading this you are so disgusted with your party you want out? Say so!
Post in my comments "I (first name) AM NO LONGER A LIBERTARIAN! I WILL NOT be Associated with such hedonistic psychopaths!" Honestly, we democrats are waiting with open arms for anyone who wants to see the light. And even if you don't wanna go Repub or Dem, just go away from Libertarian, that's fine too, just say it.

Scare Tactics

I told you they were trying to use scare tactics to get their war.

What? I have a sense of humor...
(musical interlude till my next article)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

And you thought you hated Walmart before now...

Anyone ever see the episode of the simpsons where There house was slated for destruction to make room for the monorail?
Well that technically couldn't have happend. Although City and state governments have the right to eminant domain, but usually this only applies to public use like schools, city buildings (fire departments) or streets. You know public stuff. With this though they had to offer you an acceptable amount for your home (bluebook value). But the monorail was privately owned, sorta like the busses in hampton. Due to this the episode was wrong, It would have been against the law to construct this Pillar for the Monorail on the simpson Residence.

THANK GOD we got rid of that. It Seems the Supreme Court has deemed that PRIVATE organizations should get the same right, since supposedly it will create new jobs. To make a long rant short, if your government official is making a little extra income on the side, your OWN PROPERTY is no longer safe if say... Walmart felt they knew how to use your land better then you. They go talk to your governor, get him a new car, some pot holders by Martha Stewart and BAM put on a happy face as you're searching the ads for a new house.

Doesn't this government make you just think "You know.... other then the slavery, the South had a Pretty damn good idea in the 1880s...."

Article 13303

Ok, for those of you who aren't very savvy on the war, this article was signed by King George the second before the Iraq war started.

Now Saddam was a democratically elected Dictator, so most the stuff in the country was technically his property. This article king george signed stated that "All property of Saddam was now US Treasury Property" it also went on to say that no civil suit could be filed against the US government if the property they took may have also happend to belong to the citizens of Iraq. Now I should point out that the bill mostly pertains to the Iraqi Oil feilds "Bullshit, why would bush be interested in oil?" But it also goes on to cover any sort of infrastructure that could generate money.

Now I mention this cause less then a week ago some US soldiers filed a report about their superiors STEALING 1 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF IRAQI PROPERTY and money... turns out that all this stuff was "actually US property" and was not stealing.

You know, when STALIN was issuing the great purge on Russia, at least he didn't steal their shit too...

Fuck this country's government and anyone who supports them. No, honestly, Fuck you. You're not american or a human if you can support these Nazis.