Monday, April 18, 2005

F*** The Alamo, GO BACK TO MEXICO!

If you all can name ONE good thing that came from texas, you're a liar. Seriously, this state started off as a province of mexico. Than, they succeeded and became their own country. Upon realizing they had no economy, army, or damn chance to survive, they asked, and were annexed by the US goverment. Mexico tried to take it back during that time period, in which a battle of the Alamo held the fort for long enough for the US army to organize and fight off the mexican army.
Ever since then we've had.... steak? No we had that. Ribs? nope, still had that... George Bush? No, he was born into money in New Hampshire. The Duke himself John Wayne?...Nope, iowa. For a state full of supposed real men, they really don't pull their weight, or have anything to show.

But lets not forget about Georgy who became Governor down there due to daddy. Not only did the guy crash what economy the state had, he also tried out the "no child left behind" plan there, where it also failed. This state has so many stupid children from Georgy's failed plan, that they are 47th in the US for S.A.T. scores. To top it off he led the united states in executions (and every developed country in the WORLD). 3 months before he went to become president due to daddy he signed a bill which says if the family can't afford to pay the hospital bills, the hospital and/or insurance provider could have the life support tubes pulled even against the wishes of the family. Crashed the economy, screwed up the education system, screwed people over big business, and promoted a view of death.

....Damnit if this were a book this would be called forshadowing. And not even the cryptic kind, this is like the forshadowing in a 3rd grade summer reading assignment.

But lets move onto the most important news of the day from The Great Waste of Texas. They're (republicans) trying to pass a bill down in Austin (capitol of Texas) that says basically... "If your religion justifies the action, then you may assault, threaten, intimidate, demean, and possibly to the extent Kill a minority if their ways go against your religion." It's kind of a No-Shit this is dericted at gays and most likely will be extended to mexicans and other groups (be they minority or not).

But this shit only gets better and better. They also passed laws which make it illegal for gay couples to adopt children. Of course before voting for this the whole senate was lead in prayer by a state appointed pastor. Now damnit, isn't there a law against it? Establishment clause.... Sisterhood of.... Gah, I guess it just never came up so they allow it. But back to the whole "The founding fathers were just kidding about the equality under the law bullshit"....

I've got a new Bill for those down there though. "Give Texas Back to Mexico" Since their induction to the united states, they have really contributed nothing but a stereotype to america, and foods leading quickly to heart problems in america (Deep fried twinkies anyone?). Since their economy is about the same anyway, I suggest That the US annex texas back to which it came.

Now before I get hate mail (still send it though, I love an arguement) there are OF COURSE good people in texas, there always are no matter where you go. So you shouldn't take offense. But if you Are one of those good people, than you know what I am saying is true, so there really shouldn't be any letters from you anyway.

OH Btw, quick update, thought I'd throw in this cheap shot comic I found online